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... we need a new link:
by chl (12.12.16 21:18)
Relevant but not too smart
All the weaknesses of Mr. Sunde's Argument are already mentioned in the article. The Problem with GOOG and FB is that national and international laws....
by StefanL (06.06.16 19:20)
and glad if you like it. looking forward to next conversations, amiable arguments included.
by StefanL (02.06.16 02:19)
Relevant(?): Zuckerberg Is Dictator of The World's Largest Nation, Pirate Bay Founder Says Anyway, I am happy you reliably point into some different directions and....
by tobi (31.05.16 20:50)
Gegeben, und die Liste der Helfershelfer, Steigbügelhalter und Wasserträger ist lang und vor Herrn Potiorek hätte dann noch einer unserer historisch verbürgten Lieblingshelden erwähnt gehört,....
by StefanL (24.04.15 17:27)
missing links...
by wilhelm peter (02.01.15 16:15)
Tiny Rise in Price
We're sorry or rather not that sorry to inform you that the educational device package our scientific dptmt. has on offer for the better, aka....
by DogbertA (01.01.15 11:48)
a wonderful song - i remember bacharach as musical director of marlene dietrich - the man behind her chanson appearance - one of the most....
by wilhelm peter (30.12.14 20:56)
Lieber Piefke 3000
Weil wir so sind und weil wir nicht so sind, haben wir jetzt die gesamte seriöse Literatur zu Körner besorgt, deren wir, dank sei dem....
by StefanL (27.11.14 22:17)
Oskar Potiorek is to blame. (Just kidding, but he could be in your list, too.)
by tobi (22.11.14 13:41)

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