Less Than a Song

Not quite a song

This one goes to Istanbul.

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Aus den Sprüchen König Salomos

Council man Yoda on his death bed

20 Die Weisheit ruft laut auf der Straße und lässt ihre Stimme hören auf den Plätzen.
21 Sie ruft im lautesten Getümmel, am Eingang der Tore, sie redet ihre Worte in der Stadt:
22 Wie lange wollt ihr Unverständigen unverständig sein und ihr Spötter Lust zu Spötterei haben und ihr Toren die Erkenntnis hassen?
23 Kehrt euch zu meiner Zurechtweisung! Siehe, ich will über euch strömen lassen meinen Geist und euch meine Worte kundtun.
24 Wenn ich aber rufe und ihr euch weigert, wenn ich meine Hand ausstrecke und niemand darauf achtet,
25 wenn ihr fahren lasst all meinen Rat und meine Zurechtweisung nicht wollt:
26 dann will ich auch lachen bei eurem Unglück und über Euch spotten, wenn da kommt, was ihr fürchtet;
27 wenn über euch kommt wie ein Sturm, was ihr fürchtet, und euer Unglück wie ein Wetter; wenn über euch Angst kommt und Not.

Die Weisheit scheint ein relativ unangenehmes und brutales Ding zu sein. Vielleicht ist sie das. Niemand soll sich aber schrecken lassen. Wirklich niemand. Manche sind leider schon erschrocken. Für die wird es schwer. Umso mehr, je mehr sie den Schrecken leugnen.

Gertrude Köhler: König Salomo mit seiner Gemahlin im Park, Farbstifte, 108*79

“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

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Illustrative Addendum

Here's an illustrative addendum to yesterdays story. For all who are still able enough to read b&w pictures this should be evidence enough.

Thomas Watson Sr. bringing thinking to the business

This word is on the most conspicuous wall of every room in every IBM building. Each employee carries a THINK notebook in which to record inspirations. The company stationery, matches, scratch pads all bear the inscription, THINK. A monthly magazine called 'Think' is distributed to the employees.

Thomas Watson jr., executing thinking in the business

In his first move as president of IBM, Watson Jr. decided to take what Fortune Magazine would later call the company’s “$5 Billion Gamble”. He hired a team of electrical engineers and set them to work designing mainframe computers. Since they would be incompatible with all of IBM’s previous products, the risk was obvious.

Steve Jobs, reality distortion on a high level

Steve generally treated Bill as someone who was slightly inferior, especially in matters of taste and style. Bill looked down on Steve because he couldn't actually program.

William Gates Jr., pay my soft ware

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Wise Guys, Not So Wise Guys

Wise Guys

They who know not and know not that they know not are fools; try to avoid them.
They who know not and know that they know not are a learners; learn with them.
They who know and know not that they know are half asleep; try to wake up with them.
They who know and know that they know are wise guys; go with them.

The previous lines are an updated version of a little verse, that according to Venkatesh Rao's The Tragicomic Exasperations of Expertise has been variously attributed to Confucian, Arabic, Persian or Sanskrit sources, in short to someone in the middle to far east.
He who knows not and knows not that he knows not is a fool; avoid him.
He who knows not and knows that he knows not is a student; teach him.
He who knows and knows not that he knows is asleep; wake him.
He who knows and knows that he knows is a wise man; follow him.

That quote of course has got a content as it would have been invariably formulated in a written book in a world that has become known under the term of literate patriarchy in the 2nd half of the 20th century. It assumes leaders and idiots. Not little of that style is still in place and probably has to be.
It is also a 2by2 quadruple figure which is a strong and vigorous figure. Because the homosexual ancient greeks prefered singles, duals, and triples it somehow remained obscure for a while.
Quadruple figures might be hard, because as opposed to 1 nose, 1 mouth, 1 primary sexual organ and 1 rectum we have many things in pairs. Also most people know love in pairs and practically all in triples, love in quadruples seems to touch only those people who are early graced with a partner with whom to counter their parents.
Marshal McLuhan, Marion Zimmer Bradley and others started to use that figure since 1960. Go figure.
Addendum: According to Webster's a wise guy is an upstart who makes conceited, sardonic, insolent comments. For a time it has also been used for members of predominantly Italian inspired crime organizations in the southern states of the Union.

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Intermezzo II: Opportunity

Song: Opportunity
Artist: Joan Armatrading
Album: Show Some Emotion
Opportunity came to my door
when I was down on my luck.
In the shape of an old friend
With a plan guaranteed.
Showed me the papers as he walked me to the car,
his shoes of finest leather.
He said you could wear this style
if you follow my advice.
He owned a gun, the calibre escaped me,
but I noticed straight away it made me itch.
Carried an address with numbers on the back
and an L-shaped bar of iron.
What's that for I asked my man
with eyes wide opened and the knowledge in my head.
And he said opportunity,
world wide adventure, money in the bank.

We did the job, the work was so well done,
no one saw us coming, much less leave.
But what I dropped carried my credentials
and a black/white shot of you and me.
What's that for I asked the cop
with eyes of innocence and the knowledge in my head.
And he said opportunity,
world wide adventure, let me have your hand.

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