Go West, Young Man

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Only Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

the kaiser posing as a peeping tom

Manche tun das Richtige auf die falsche Art.
Manche tun das Falsche auf die richtige Art.
Wenige tun das Richtige auf die richtige Art.
Wenige tun das Falsche auf die falsche Art.
Leider ist es noch komplizierter.
Manche erreichen das Richtige, indem sie das Falsche tun.
Manche erreichen das Falsche, indem sie das Richtige tun.
Wenige erreichen das Richtige, indem sie das Richtige tun.
Wenige erreichen das Falsche, indem sie das Falsche tun.

The Bell Curve of Normality

All of the above seems to have to do with the average desirability of good and bad and certain troubles with near and long term benefit estimation.
As we have already quoted in our article on Science Fiction and Sturgeon's Law, if there is any difference in "desirability", the Bell curve of a normal distribution predicts that most experiences will involve average desirability, with roughly equally few occurrences of excellence and gross inadequacy.
That last quote (from Wikipedia, from where else, if we may ask) also seems to tell us, that nearly everything is a question of desirability and cognition. It seems to say that everything is in the eye of the beholder. Today not a few people even interpret certain properties and difficulties in quantum mechanics that way.
But, but let us assure you that beauty indeed is a function of the eye of the beholder, but goodness is not, may it appear as such or not. Let us also assure you that although we definitely are unable to fathom the ways of the universe, those ways are no function of our cognition, although Herr Freud and many others said so.
Two More Things
1) We here at tinytalk in sunny Highgate have not given up on the hope that one day we will understand gravity better still than we do today.
2) We love to quote and so we do. This time it will be some lines from German singer/songwriter Funny van Dannen's song "Gutes Tun":
F.v.Dannen, lyricist Kondome nicht ins Klo,
keine Drogen sowieso,
weniger Fernsehen,
öfter zu Fuß gehen.
Auch mal an die im Abseits denken,
gebrauchte Pornos dem Altersheim schenken.
Versuchs doch mal mit Gutes tun,
dann geht alles besser.
Wie scharf du heute wieder bist,
sprach das Brot zum Messer.

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rather be fishing

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All Along The Lee Shore

Shells lie scattered in the sand
Winking up like shining eyes, at me
From the sea

All along the lee shore

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Kinda perfect

Bambus - Wu Chen (1280-1354)

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