Blockchain Explained - For Beginners

Die NZZ-Datenredaktion hat ein ziemlich ok-es Erklärbär-Video über das grundsächliche Funktionieren der Blockketten-OfBitcoinFame-Technologie, ihre Vor- und ihre Nachteile hergestellt. Wir wollen das dem p.t. Publikum nicht vorenthalten. Manchmal ist eine sogenannte Qualitätszeitung ja noch zu etwas gut oder sehr gut.

Blockchain - Explained by Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Das Special mit dem Video ist hier. Seien Sie bitte geduldig. Das Videofenster (ganz oben) braucht manchmal ziemlich lang zum Laden.

You're back? You've got it now? Basically? Get competent an' go on to study deeper but still easy stuff here.

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At Long Last

The Wishful Thinking

The editorial staff of tinytalk has decided to issue a written statement on the iPad and other tablets.

The iPad is the dumb and crippled network computer that Larry Ellison and Bill Joy dreamt of in the 90ies done right at last.

Of course it needed a tasteful ratcatcher like Mr. Jobs to get it done right. It is for well todo male 40+ guys who kinda hated personal computers because of their levelling potential. Everything else is gravy.

The Ratcatcher Presents The Ultimate Boytoy

Whoever carries around an iPad and uses it in meetings or does similar things gives ultimate prove he or she is not smart or tough enough for real computers.

Let's just say: ulimately the iPad is for busybodies, the retired and consumers who masochistically like to be ripped off by the only company who really make you pay deerly for your participation in the cool digital society.

The Reality At Large

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sagt die Newsredaktion, Grundrechte die Futurezone Redaktion. Wie dem auch sei, bezüglich des iPad spricht mir Herr Jarvis hier aus der Seele.

ipad app maniac depressive

Und genau so, wie das Fernsehen im Web für die Broadcaster nicht funktionieren wird, wird das Zeitungslesen auf dem iPad nicht so funktionieren, wie das die Verleger gerne hätten, und zwar fundamentally not.

Und dann, wie oben, medial gesehen sind proprietäre Umgebungen einfach idiotisch und unsympathisch. Das wird auch der Chicness Faktor nicht kompensieren können. Ein nettes tragbares Video- korr.und Gaming-korr. end. device für die, die sich's zusätzlich leisten können.

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Commercial UNIX 25 Years Ago


Microsoft Xenix press announcement in Byte magazin

T'was too expensive for the tiny office then but still we had hope that everything would converge on 16 and then 32 bit C and compatible OS function calls into 24 or 32 bit address spaces when MS launched MS-DOS 2.11.

From an MS ad in Byte magazine on its OS offerings and their convergance

We already had heard of GUIs and Smalltalk but not seen much of it. Guess what. MS had a perspective, but: Unix and GUI did not work out so well on the LISA.

Xenix on the Apple Lisa

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HNG DevEnv, GM leaves prison

Helma NG is already having a dev environment. Bokonon says: Busy, busy, busy.

Helma NG - web editor and security from Hannes Wallnoefer on Vimeo.

ANTSCD: A week ago after 5 years in jail GMail has left beta maximum security prison. What a relief.

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There has been evidence
that the important and successful ideas in MSFT - like licensing the Unix source code in the 70ies and learning from it and licensing QDOS....
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I think I maybe know what you meant. It is the present we know best and the future we invent. And history is mostly used....
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Oracle is now mentioned in the English Wikipedia article on teletext and even has its own article here. Electra has one too.
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We have grossly erred
At least in point 5. We thought, people would have come to the conclusion that permanently listening to directive voices as an adult is so....
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Did not want to spell the names out
Ingrid Thurnher should have been easy, as she is pictured in the article. Harald F. is an insider joke, the only media journalist in Austria,....
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with four letters it becomes easier though i am not sure with hafi… anyhoo, inms guessing acronyms or whatever this is. *it’s not my steckenpferd
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Low hanging fruit
1 comment, lower geht es mathematisch schon aber psychosomatisch nicht.
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da ist wohl ein <b> offen geblieben… und wer oder was sind HF und IT?
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manche nennen das
low hanging fruits, no?¿
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Freiwillige Feuerwehr
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That is a good argument and not to be underestimated. I was convinced a malevolent or rigid social environment (the others) posed the largest obstacle....
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Und noch etwas
Die Schutzkleidung ist ein großes Problem. Sie verhindert allzu oft, dass mann mit anderen Säugetieren gut umgehen kann.
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U get 1 big smile from me 4 that comment! And yes, i do not like embedded except it is good like this. It's like....
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Just saying. #esc #strachevideo— Helene Voglreiter (@HeeLene) May 19, 2019 (Sorry, falls embedded unsocial media unerwünscht ist…)
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That's an adequate comment! Und das erste Zitat ein ganz besonders tolles Beispiel für den "Umschlag von Quantität in Qualität".
by MaryW (15.05.19, 19:57)
In the future everyone will be famous for fifteen people. – Momus You’ll always be a planet to me, Mr Bacchus. – Charon Fußnote! Find ick knorke.....
by tobi (15.05.19, 14:07)
what about hindsight is 20/20?
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