At Long Last

The Wishful Thinking

The editorial staff of tinytalk has decided to issue a written statement on the iPad and other tablets.

The iPad is the dumb and crippled network computer that Larry Ellison and Bill Joy dreamt of in the 90ies done right at last.

Of course it needed a tasteful ratcatcher like Mr. Jobs to get it done right. It is for well todo male 40+ guys who kinda hated personal computers because of their levelling potential. Everything else is gravy.

The Ratcatcher Presents The Ultimate Boytoy

Whoever carries around an iPad and uses it in meetings or does similar things gives ultimate prove he or she is not smart or tough enough for real computers.

Let's just say: ulimately the iPad is for busybodies, the retired and consumers who masochistically like to be ripped off by the only company who really make you pay deerly for your participation in the cool digital society.

The Reality At Large

Light Pens and Stylus Tablets Lest I wholly neglect the field of graphics input, let me mention very briefly the two devices that seem to me to tie for the booby prize in user orientation: the light pen and the stylus tablet. | j.c.r. licklider, 1976

the story in short to the best of my knowledge.

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It is not

the interface, which is but a small part but the execution as demonstrated by APPL: finally a really crippled consumer p.c.

thanks for the hint to the history of tablet computing anyway. it makes such a nice analogon to the Sumerian scribe and the beginning of writing!

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Trying to get this straight

So – besides the nowadays ubiquitous plannned obsolescence of such devices – this is not about the form factor, the hardware, but about the way software is distributed?

As one really sceptic CocoaTouch beginner and another victim of iTunes Connect’s provisioning profile hell and AppStore’s app review caprice I can say that programming the device is fun (aka the good part) but distributing the software is one bad motherfscker – especially with my little but present FOSS background.

I sometimes imagine you could quite like programming Objective-C as the parallels to SmallTalk are quite obvious.

From the preface of the book “Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript”: “But wait, it can get worse. Lets say you do get your app approved. Hundreds or maybe thousands of people download your app. You haven't received any money yet, but you are on cloud nine. Then, the bug reports start coming in. You locate and fix the bug in minutes, resubmit your app to iTunes, and wait for Apple to approve the revision. And wait some more. Angry customers are giving you horrible reviews in the App Store. Your sales are tanking. And still you wait. You consider offering a refund to the angry customers, but there’s no way to do that through the App Store. So you are basically forced to sit there watching your ratings crash even though the bug was fixed days or weeks ago.”

(Fun fact: I had to retype the quoted paragraph because the e-book reader I am using does not allow me to copy&pasta its content. You were not alone, Steve! ;)

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yeah difficult

Apples paranoid "we wanna stay in control" stance is what really annoys me. And how they treat everyone outside their house as if they were underage.

Sure I like programming in Objective-C. Never did much but always did like it.

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Hier noch ein Nachtrag

Es gibt Retina, Baby!

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And surely

the new ipad's screen resolution and Retina are a fine thing and 1 of the futures of screens. Just yesterday I was given a Kindle which shows another future of screens.

still I won't do the trade. I will stay with non-crippled computers. just don't want to be the bitch or slave of apple and amazon and the like. they can never. with a notebook they can never handcuff you the way they do with these new devices.

interim dynabook still rules for me.

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Isn't it just history repeating? Apple setting up their walled garden, MS/Google setting up a similar model, albeit a more chaotic one. Ubuntu for mobile already exists. Plus, it never was so cheap, easy and efficient to set up a free machine as today.

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it's not so much about history, it's more: (another) circle closed.

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What circle?

Which is the other one?

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parallel computing (60s), time sharing (60s) [cloud], closed circle [ie minitel], walled garden [IBM, AT&T, ...], convergence, a creation from the 80s (as far as i am concerned), prestel: combine tv+fernbedienung+central computer from 1976 is back as well as orlando tv testcase, done in florida ¿1992? [more or less the idea behind smart tv, if you ask me]

edit: televized convergence 1980

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