Glossary of Unusual Acronyms and Terms in TT

Is a selfmade acronym for "And Now For Something Completely Different" which in turn is a pattern and phrase created by the MPFC for their TV-Show the title of which provided the popular name of that group of people originated.

Rarely there's are variants left in this blogt: ANTS-CD. We made this up to emphasize our being ants here, where "for" is replaced by "to" which might be not completely to the point in the English language. It should be an ants completely different, but we still do not know if this works. ANFSNSCD: .. not so completely different. From there further variants can be guessed quite easily.

is an acronym from Robert Scoble's Corporate Blog Manifesto. It is derived from "Bend over and grease up" meaning in the words of Mr. Scoble "you should treat Gnome Girl as good as you would treat Bill Gates". Or, more prosaically, it suggests that it's a good marketing idea to be extremely friendly to everybody all the time. tinytalk plc. rejects the principle.

A holistic or complex rather than linear system view. A branch of mathematics addressing issues of control, recursiveness, and information.

Core and Periphery

First and Second Order Cybernetics

Definitely a Move to the Better

First Mover Disadvantage and Last Mover Advantage, important business success patterns that we have predicted and that have proven themselves nicely in the last few years. Not deterministic but strong.

Harmless (if anything is harmless) untruths. A word/concept made up by Bokonon (Lionel Boyd Johnson) who in turn was made up by Kurt Vonnegut in his novel Cat’s Cradle (See the cat, see the cradle?)
"Live by the foma (harmless untruths) that make you brave and kind and healthy and happy." - The Books of Bokonon, I:5

As used in Gestalt-Theory. A clearly discernible pattern before a background. As in "Gestalt and field" or as in "figure and ground".

A granfalloon is a formation of humans who claim to have a shared identity or purpose, but whose association is factually meaningless. According to its original discoverer, examples are: "the Communist Party, the Daughters of the American Revolution, the General Electric Company —and any nation, anytime, anywhere." In Europe and historically correctly we could additionally name the Catholic church, most Protestant churches, the Cartellverband, probably the European Union, maybe the free masons and many many more.

To Be Defined

Yet another important Bokononist concept – a formation of people who really work together - as opposed to a granfalloon, an association of people who just believe they work together.

Oh a sleeping drunkard up in Central Park
And a lion hunter in the jungle dark
And a Chinese dentist and the British queen
All fit together in the same machine
Nice, nice, very nice
Nice, nice, very nice
So many different people in the same device

pronounced kay-tee-myfo. The Krill that the Media Industry Feeds On. Intellectually deprecated and an endangered species.

Monty Pythons's Flying Circus

This one was created by CHL by copying a spontaneous expression of ours to his frozen blog: Overlapping Micro Publishing Fields.

pronounced pee-eff-kaa, meaning: The People Formerly Known As The Audience, replaces the deprecated KTMIFO (see there).

As in "the rat races the labyrinth", meaning the stimulus is so high, the rat does not walk or run the labyrinth, which it can do perfectly well, but is urged to race.

To Be Defined by self

The Real Banking Tax Avoiding Money Laundring Grand-Duché of Luxembourg

A wampeter is the pivot of a karass. No karass is without a wampeter, Bokonon tells us, just as no wheel is without a hub.
Anything can be a wampeter: a tree, a rock, an animal, an idea, a book, a melody, the Holy Grail. Whatever it is, the members of its karass revolve about it in the majestic chaos of a spiral of nebula. the orbits of the members of a karass about their common wampeter are spiritual orbits, naturally. It is mind projections and not bodies that revolve. As Bokonon invites us to sing:
    Around and around and around we spin,
    with feet of lead and wings of tin.
And wampeters come and wampeters go, Bokonon tells us. At any given time a karass actually has two wampeters - one waxing in importance, one waning.

Yet Another Gutlessly Copied Image Grid. An Image Grid is one in a row of computer media designs that was a rare species in the nineteen nineties and seems to find more and more followers in the last few years. It needs to be done meticulously and with attention to detail, which seems to be hard to understand. We do not know why. In the mobile first social world it has become obsolete while the timeline has taken over.

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