slauti looks at Istanbul

When slauti walks Istanbul, which is a very nice place in the first place there are 2 groups of people that please his eyes and 2 groups of people that displease especially.
The first that diplease and strike the eye immidiately because they are everywhere are western tourists who wear their wrongly understood individual human rights come western value sets, their sports clothes and gadgets like 16 tons of excess baggage turned into extremely inefficient protective shielding. Always embarrassing.
On the other hand all the distuingished elder gentlemen who are so obviously heirs of the British civilization on its height and have that educated look as if any of them were a doctor, lawyer and writer rolled into one person remind one of the fact that literacy is not dead. Many of them might be assholes in their private life but on the street they emanate something very reassuring.
A lot of beautiful women walk the streets, at least to my eyes. The ones with an unbroken self image have such a lot of walking style that I always feel the universe does us a grace to let us look on them.
But: Istambul harbours lots of losers and half losers that speculate on the secret gifts of Allah, the males fiddle their rosaries and the females walk their headcloth with a sort of nervous subdued agression that could make you vomit. Imagine them in the hundreds of thousends together with any great fear&destruction driven sick leader in the front and an intellectual loser think tank behind them and you could pick up some fear yourself.
And oh: We have spent money, left and right, in the hundreds of millions. Good feeling, hopefully gone soon, when the shit beaurocrats in Bruxelles dare do their negotiations and the union border will be on the Euphrates, where it belongs in my opinion!



Ich weiß, was Du meinst!

Ach, ich würde gerne mit der Straßenbahn die Istiklal rauf- und runterfahren und dann in ein nettes Cafe gehen und bitter-süßen Tee trinken und all diese Gentlemen anschauen ....

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ins Saray z.B.

auf ein köstliches As(ch)uré oder Krem schokolat.

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