You're Not Gonna Like What Comes After America

Here for the new year are 3 parts of an interview Norwegian public broadcaster NRK did with Leonard Cohen. Norway and Cohen have a good long history together. 1988 saw the 2 first major concert appearances of Cohen on NRK. The interview is done by a very nice young blonde lady who contrary to a couple of US American interviewers seems to know something about respect and honest interest. Commentary is in Norwegian but the interview itself is in English without overdubbing. So just enjoy!

In the second part there is an interesting story about speed and slowness in writing and
the unwillingness of CBS on the publication of Various Positions. And one from Paris with Dylan in it which is mainly about the good understanding and differences between this big city Canadian and that small rural city American great Jewish poets.

In the next one you will find that title inspiring sentence and explanation about the fact that you're not gonna like what comes after America. Oh, and one more thing, we've seen the future baby, it might be murder or it might be not. The recent past has been murder clearly enough, so Cohen's insights than were dead on. And keep in mind that the Cohen of the early nineties still had the cheekiness of claiming that though we did not know him from the wind he was the little Jew who wrote the bible. Alle sier: "Amerika, Amerika. Nazi-Tyskland."


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