May You Find Peace, Lev

The lion of the Sinai, the very talented tank commander, the erstwhile darling of Ben-Gurion, the disappointed prince of war who should later be at least partly responsible for Sabra and Shatila, throughout the 70ies and 80ies champion construction of settlements in the West Bank and Gaza, provoke through buying first an apartment, then a house in the Arab quarter of Jerusalem's old city but not living there and visiting the Temple mount with a guard of 1000.

''I always believed that Jews and Arabs should live together and will live together in the Land of Israel,'' said Mr. Sharon as he sat by his new glass and steel dining table at the center of his two-room apartment. ''For Jews, this is their homeland, and for Arabs, many of them have been living here for hundreds of years. I don't see any other way than living together.''

He also criticised the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999 as an act of brutal interventionism and said both "Serbia and Kosovo had been victims of violence". In his final years as the prime minister of Israel he unilaterally pulled back from Gaza and maybe tried to find a solution for the West Bank. Spent 8 years in a coma before they let him day. Some fates are cruel. They don't make this kind of guys anymore. He was the last of the old guard.

May you find peace in heaven at last, Ariel Scheinermann.

Dov Grün und Lev Sheinermann

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Februar 2018
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