Seven (give or take) Smalltalk Implementations

As a follow up to yesterday's post, here are two serious recommendations for anyone really interested in the mid and long term growth of language systems

The first of these is to a book I got borrowed (and really about Big- not Smalltalk): How The Hebrew Language Grew by one Edward Horowitz, a former president of the American Association of Teachers of Hebrew.

The second is a speech of one of our favourite architects of artificial language systems, Dan Ingalls. Take care, the speech is long but really worth it.

The common point on both recommendations might not be obvious on first sight. Language study without practical application (Hebrew and Smalltalk) is a highly abstract endeavour that, being under the impression of latin classes in high school, we have fiercely opposed for a long time. The meaningfulness of it though, dawned on us one day, when one of the original colleagues at tinytalk gave a very fine and subtle briefing on the merits of abstraction. And though we still are a bit confused about the finer points of the interaction between the abstract, the body and the holistic, or, as they falsely said in graduate school, theory and practice, we now know that it can us help advance to take two steps back and give time to stuff that is never applied. Indulge us on this, pleazzze!


"A talk given by Dan Ingalls and his father at Xerox PARC in 1980. It describes a project to determine authorship of various sections of the great Indian epic, the Mahabharata. Dan Sr introduces the Sanskrit language and talks about the traits of oral and written authorship. Dan Jr talks about how he analyzed the text for such traits, and wrote a program to read the original text by recognizing the characters of Devanagari text."

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for that hint. Made for very interesting viewing.

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Watched the first half yesterday. Fascinating stuff. I had no idea APL played such a catalytic role in the early days of Ingallsian language-crafting.

Thanks for sharing, like and +1.

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(Not quite yet) seven years later ...

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(Not quite yet) seven years later ...
... we need a new link:
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