Strings And Pearls

Author: Chassidic Traditional
Artist: Lorin Sklamberg
Album: rythm+jews
Song: Shnirele, Perele

Quelle: C:\fakepath\lorinsklamberg.jpg

It seems this song has come together from different sources and at least one of them must be chassidic. Whoever enjoys discussing and learning such stuff as folk song source is invited to click this. Here are the short and not so difficult to understand lyrics that are repeated in a long string of reiterations:

Shnirele perele gilderne fon
meshiakh ben dovid sizt oybn on
halt a beckher in der rekhter hant
makht a brokhe afn gantsn land.
Oi, omen ve omen dos iz vor
meshiakh vet kumen hayntiks yor.

Vet er kumen tsu forn
veln zayn gute yorn
vet er kumen tsu raytn
veln zayn gute tsaytn
vet er kumen tsu geyn
veln ale yidn in Eretz Yisroyl aynshteyn.

Nowadays, Herr Sklamberg sings "weln ale mentshn in Eretz Yisroyl aynshteyn" in most performances . We kinda like it that way.


The Klezmatics and Mr. Sklamberg perform another song we feature here, written by one Holly Near, who ist not a Jew. It goes by the title of "I ain't afraid":

Free up from fear it will devour you,
Watch out for the ego of the hour,
The ones who say they know it are
The ones who will impose it on you.

Theodore Defosse has this to say about the song:
The lyrics to that song are not really profound, and won't offer many revelations, but their directness "I ain't afraid of your praying / I'm afraid of what you do in the name of your god") makes them very ... more

The Klezmatics-Version in addition to the English words has yiddish lyrics, very nicely fardaitscht by Sklamberg and Lisa Gutkin. Those words are what gives the song a place in our topic.

Keyn moire far toldos Jeshu
keyn moire far Toires Moishe
keyn moire far, farn alQoran
'chob moire far dem was ir tut lekoved ayr got.

Holly Near (s' got a website wholly of her own)
Lorin Sklamberg ('s got no website but pages on the Klezmatics' site)

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