Noch was über Blogs und Wikis

Blogs are good. Blogs are necessary. Blogs are important. So is Podcasting. Blogs are ridiculous. So are traditional media. Blogs broaden idea and information space. Sometimes they also deepen it. Until now it seems Wikis have done more for ordering idea space than for broadening it.

Come think about it. We do not want to lose any of this media space stuff. We want to extend in all dimensions and not to regroup only.

P3k has a dead on and timely pointer to an interesting new blog by one Tim Berners Lee (nick timbl). The introductory article has got 240 (i won't program an updater for this figure here, manual upd: 455 as of Christmas day 05) comments on it. Not bad for one new to blogging. For the very few of my few readers who have not checked out that link on please go there. It has got sentences like: That said, it is nice to have a machine to the administrative work of handling the navigation bars and comment buttons and so on, and it is nice to edit in a mode in which you can to limited damage to the site. So I am going to try this blog thing using blog tools. So this is for all the people who have been saying I ought to have a blog.. It has also got comments like this one here and two nice links to older stuff by timbl himself. And, quite obviously troubles with d/t The man's still gotta something to say. It's in my bookmarks now. Thanks Tobi. By myself I guess I would have detected that blog in 2011, maybe, which is what comes from being a history fanatic.

While talking about timbl 2 things that I always wanted to say about the www and html: It would have been better if nimble timbl had not succumbed to C-style and called the a Element the anchor Element* as in

(which would have been Cobol-style). Okay, when handwriting links it would have been longer and stupider but more people would have understood html without headache. And now and today it would make not much of a difference. By my personal metric the NextCube was not a good computer which incidentally corresponds to what the market said. As an academic tool it seems to have been ok. But please don't think it gave us the web. timbl and the people he talked to and the people whose texts he read gave us the specific form of Hypermedia that was small enough it could grow so nicely.

One last thing: tiny.antville are proud to announce that as of right now we are proud to announce we are (after henso and fm4) the third largest referrer to We hope to keep up this pace.

* The problem is not uniform, nobody seems to have had any trouble with FTAs (formatting tag abbreviations) like <b>and </i>.

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Februar 2023
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pretty easy to guess from the context and image who HaFi and InTu are. Besides, thx for the hint to the open bold-tag.
by MaryW (22.10.21, 01:16)
Low hanging fruit
1 comment, lower geht es mathematisch schon aber psychosomatisch nicht.
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da ist wohl ein <b> offen geblieben… und wer oder was sind HF und IT?
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what about hindsight is 20/20?
by tobi (05.05.19, 14:00)

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