Donnerstag, 22. November 2001

Text ripping

Via myself and motz we stumbled on automatically converted garbaged html from pdf sources from Stanford University and probably by someone named Hitzik ( Alto interim dynabook). Another interesting piece of SiliconHistory coming up.
I'll publish 3 pieces of slightly cleaned up text later today:
Chapter 12: Thacker's Bet txt html
Chapter 14: What you see is what you get txt
Chapter 15: On the Lunatic Fringe txt html

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Almost gone
We're really almost gone now. One of our favourite bands, My Terrible Friend have published their new EP I Tried To Be Kind late last....
by StefanL (22.01.18 06:07)
Trauriger Sonntag, trauriger Montag
Words: Sam M. LewisOriginal Lyrics: Rezső SeressMusic: Rezső SeressAlbum: SingleSong: Gloomy Sunday Als Rezső Seress von seiner Verlobten im Jahr 1933 in Budapest die rote Karte....
by StefanL (21.01.18 16:40)
Das weckt ganz alte Erinnerungen! <3
by Chronistin (20.01.18 13:59)
The Wind Screams Mary and the Doves Cry at Themselves
50 odd years ago, a nice gentleman from Seattle, King County, Washington wrote a nice song for me. Had to think of it and him....
by MaryW (20.01.18 09:00)
See You in the Spring
We'll be gone to the far far South really soon now, so a hello, goodbye is in order. But not as the term might suggest, for....
by StefanL (20.01.18 08:55)
In schā'a llāh
J'ai vu l'Orient dans son écrinavec la lune pour bannièreet je comptais en un quatrainchanter au monde sa lumière Mais quand j'ai vu Jérusalemcoquelicot sur un....
by MaryW (20.01.18 04:46)
Algorithms and Civil Rights: Understanding the Issues
Thankfully, our existing civil rights laws apply no less forcefully when software, rather than a human decision maker, engages in discrimination. In fact, equipped as....
by MaryW (19.01.18 07:30)
Alles Walzer
Die Wiener Ballsaison steht bevor und ich fliege nach Sudamérica und werde mich der Natur, dem Wandern, dem Lesen, den Palmen, dem Schwimmen und, wenn....
by MaryW (18.01.18 01:53)
Very lovely indeed!
Thank you 4 that unexpected pleasure! It's appreciated.
by StefanL (18.01.18 01:14)
Waltzing Above Ground
Here is the promised upload of Waltzing Above Ground by Guy Klucevsek. It is a little adapted to the existing moving pictures we had for it....
by StefanL (18.01.18 01:12)
Nicht zu vergessen, die von Boris Kovač: (Meinen Favoriten, Early Morning Waltz, leider nicht online gefunden.)
by tobi (17.01.18 09:43)
Business Ethics, Greed, Part 2: A Reading List
A long time ago, when the real estate bubble bursted and the wavelets of that puff rippled through a very large part of the western....
by StefanL (14.01.18 13:21)
Play With the Stars in Heaven, Walter Becker
"Walter Becker was my friend, my writing partner and my bandmate since we met as students at Bard College in 1967," Donald Fagen, long time....
by StefanL (12.01.18 20:32)
2 Funerals in 2 Days
2 funerals in 2 days has been a bit much for me. Both personalities passed away before their time at the end of last year.....
by StefanL (12.01.18 20:29)
Schon 2 Tote - ein Nachruf
Judging it by the its start only, 2018 is already worse than 2017. On January 4 we had to learn from the press that Mag.....
by StefanL (09.01.18 15:27)

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