Adam Yauch 1964-2012 R.I.P

Yesterday a great musician, rapper, activist and director, Adam "MCA" Yauch, founding member of the Beastie Boys and also of the Milarepa Foundation passed away in his native New York City after a years long battle with a rare form of cancer. A man under 50 years of age. All too young to go!

The Great MCA

We have already (unaptly) tried to express our fandom in this little piece here of our topic "Great Jewish Songs and Lyrics".
Find an aedaquate obituary here.

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Farewell, Jack Tramiel

Many Papers had it today. Jack Tramiel died at age 83. We always had him in our hero list for the fact that he was one of the few people in the industry who were really willing and able to make computing and personal devices for it dirt cheap and for all. Not only in North America, but also, and more importantly so for us, in good ole Europe.

2 Less Sung Big Heroes of the PC Revolution

And while Mr. Jobs was not one of them, the VC-20 and C-64s were the Apple IIs we could afford then here in babana land. Thank you Jack! And for the 64k of RAM 'n' sprites 'n' 2 busses too.

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Finished Early

Not many people here in good ole Europe might have noticed, but today the last specimen of the most advanced and most senseless fighter plane that humanity - a small elite part of the US engineering elite part of humanity that is - has built so far, rolled of the assembly line. And most probably nobody will build the like of it again for the forseeable future. It is simply without sensible application.

Lockheed F-22 Raptor

Requiescat in pace, F-22 Raptor. You were and are one hell of a dangerous an' expensive toy 4 far 2 few.

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May you find peace, Steve Jobs, †

He was the greatest marketer the last decades of the old and, even more, the first of the new century have seen, which surely is no small feat with so many trying so very hard in that field.

When he was nearly a free man

Steven Jobs was a man of impeccable taste as it seems and stamina for many. In the end he even virtually beat his eternal rival Gates.
He also seems to have been sort of an asshole. For one so early on searching for peace in India and other places, from the evidence we have it does not look like he found it while on this planet. May you find peace where ever you are, Steve. After some meditation we now can write this from our hearts.

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Premature Death

While, out of St. Mary's Parish, we really try to follow events in Northern America, due to ressource restrictions we are always late and never timely.
3 days ago, on August 22, Her Majesty's Canadian Loyal Opposition leader since earlier this year Mr. Jack Layton passed away at age 61. By the order of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, a state funeral will be held the day after tomorrow, August 27, at Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto.

Mr. Jack Layton, deceased

Mr. Layton was a member of an endangered species, the old style political class and a politician. We liked him because he mostly gave the impression of Paul Newman sitting on a city council.
There they go and, by gosh, we just dunno if anything better is coming after them. Still, as sure as ever, a day of mourning will be followed by days of enjoyment.
Temperature is going up to 32ºC here in Jamaica and 35ºC for our dear friends in Vienna Austria, so after work it will be sail and swim.

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