Konsumenten, Produzenten, Kundennutzen

There has been a whole lot of talk about innovation and customer value in my professional environment lately. Which was a good thing by and large not only because the organization that buys quite a large part of my working performance is well advised to focus a bit more on the goods and hence the values and usefulness its audiences and customers receive for their money than it did all of these last few years. Receiver-side benefit is also a good reasoning focus and practice, not only in capitalist business but in any kind of cooperative, divisioned and specialized work.

But then again: As a consumer you somehow stay a baby forever and never get to adulthood and wisdom whereas producers get many chances to grow up and even become wise. This is one of the points where the tough and painful thinking will have to start. As Bokonon never got tired of saying: busy, busy, busy.

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What You Should Really Do!

You should!

We're earnest an we mean it!

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Disappearing Valuation?

Facebook was so kind that they didn’t want to charge people for the privilege of using its service – so it added advertising. Advertising so tiny that the people of the world didn’t even noticed the ads were there.

“There are ads on Facebook? You know, I’ve never seen one – and I certainly have never clicked on one! Good for them.”

Perhaps Mean Old Mr. Advertiser started to realize that no one was clicking or even noticing his ads.

But little Facebook still needed to get paid – I mean, even the rare male whore has to by food and clothes – so they decided to work something out with Mean Old Mr. Advertiser.

Building near Realway

Now, while Facebook is diligently preparing its eagerly awaited IPO (with NASDAQ as it seems) malevolent guys like Robin Rafe post links to wanna be funny blog posts. We know it's only yellowest envy.

Buildings Down the Road

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Departement "Nice Quotations"

Nothing sedates rationality like large doses of effortless money.


More here in WQ ... and in follow up links.

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A Short One

Never forget, your armour will always be your greatest limitation.

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